InnChanter details

I rebuilt the Innchanter as a inn, so that it would sit lightly in the environment. There is a long marine history here, and the cove was once a stop not just for freighters, but refuge for an entire fleet of fishing boats. I recycled an old wooden ship, using salvaged old growth wood, recycled panel doors, brass and antique hardware where it showed, and the lastest technology such as apoxy, double glazing, LED lights and wireless internet,where it was appropriate.
As well as being sensitive to the environment visually, the ship also functions using solar power, rainwater collection and maserator toilets, to lower its’ ecological impact. While the ship does have diesel and gasoline back up generators, they are not needed during the busy summer months of business, and are for emergency and winter use, when the solar panels alone cannot supply enough power.
The galley onboard the Innchanter has been recently rebuilt and enlarged to include the former radio room and old galley style kitchen. This inviting centre of the boat now boasts stainless steel countertops, a new propane   stove with broiler, a maple topped butcher block island with two seats for socializing, a built in
display cupboard, as well as a new energy efficient 12 volt fridge. There is a walk in pantry, as well as new LED lighting throughout.
The head has recently been updated with a new mahogany vanity and inset circular porcelain sink, as well as the shower.

Boat statistics:

  • Year : 1927
  • Make: caravel planked
  • Style: aft cabin coastal freighter
  • Length: 90 feet over all
  • Engine: Detroit Diesel GMC V12/71
  • Fuel:diesel/propane stove/wood fireplace/electric heat
  • Hull: 3 1/2 inch Douglas fir
  • Occupancy: 14
  • Baths: 2 heads. 1 with on demand hot water for shower plus two unfinished heads
  • Restaurant: Dinner served in house to guests in the rear dining salon
  • ON#: 154637
  • RT: 39 Tonnes
  • Gross Weight: 120 Tonnes
  • Anchor 1: 600 lbs, 300 ft chain ( fore )
  • Anchor 2 : 500 lbs. ( aft )

Measurements – Top Floor

  • Captains cabin: 10 x 9 (with private Stern deck)
  • Wheel house lounge : 21.6 x 9 ( with propane fireplace, built in desk and sofa bed )
  • Stern Deck: 8 x 15
  • Fw Deck: 35 x 18
  • unfinished head  6×4

Measurements – Main floor

  • Library: 10.8 x 7.2
  • Main Salon: 22 x 12.6
  • Foyer: 5 x 5
  • Head: 6.4 x 5.8
  • Galley: 14.6 x 12.5
  • Pantry: 5 x 3.5
  • Dining room: 14 x 12 (circular, with propane fireplace, 180 deg. wrap around windows , stain glass details )
  • Side decks: 86 x 3

Measurements – Bottom Floor

  • Large stateroom: 12 x 9
  • lower Lounge: 12 x 7 (with Dickinson diesel furnace )
  • Lower Head: 4.6 x 3.2
  • Wine Cellar: 9 x 4
  • Single stateroom: 7.4 x 6.8
  • Stateroom 1: 9.3 x 8.5
  • Stateroom 2: 9.6 x 8.6
  • Stateroom 3: 9.3 x 7.8
  • unfinished head 4 x 8
  • Companionway: 8 x 2.7
  • Engine room: 23 x 11.8
  • Lazarette: 18 x 13
  • Foc’sle: 15 base x 13 length (Triangular & unfinished)

Boat Features:

  • On Demand propane hot water heater – BOSCH
  • Dickinson diesel furnace
  • Heads Jabasco Electric Mascinator toilets ( 2 )
  • Wood burning Fireplace: distributes vented heat & inset with a beautiful west-coast native moon carving.
  • Propane gas fireplaces ( 2 )
  • Rear salon: stain-glass windows inlaid with glass japanese fishing floats
  • Main floors: are all Douglas fir
  • Main Salon: leather furniture (new), built in sideboard , and curved wooden bar ( 4 leather stools )
  • Kitchen: All new stainless steel countertops, new appliances, double stainless steel sinks, 12 Volt electric fridge (all new), Full size Propoane cook stove, New Solid wood cabinetry with brass details.


  • 12 volt power throughout boat
  • All lights are LED
  • 110 power supplied by Xantrex 2500 inverter
  • 5 Solar panels
  • Battery bank: 6 @ deep cycle 1700 amp/hr
  • Back up generators: New 5kw diesel generator
  • Portable emergency gas generator
  • Portable emergency Honda water pump

Outside & Toys:

The Innchanter comes with a fleet of accessory craft. There are six PVC plastic pelican kayaks ( one person with a single stern hatch ), four rowboats, ( from 6 to 12 feet ), one wooden float ( 8 by 12 feet ), and two metal floats ( 50 by 3 feet aprox.) Each boat has lifejackets and oars or kayak paddles. I have one aluminium 16 foot runabout with a 30 hp. Mercury outboard, which is not included in the sale , but I would consider selling it with the business.

Innchanter sale includes:

All dishes, bedding, linen, mattresses ( 6 ” high density foam ), and furniture.
Marketing: Website included , client list and marketing data
Future business expansion plans and boat drawings.

Maintenance required

The Innchanter is brought to drydock every two years for a refit. The refit includes pressure washing the hull, new bottom paint, new zincs ( corrosion prevention ) and a what ever work is deemed necessary by the shipyard and the boat surveyor. The cost is approximately $15,000 every two years to keep up with this basic maintenance . When there is money left over in the budget , it is spent on the next prioritized things on the surveyors list. This includes replacing through hull fittings, replacing planks in the hull, or upgrading systems like the water filters, batteries, or the solar array . Rot occurs mostly above the waterline, caused by rainwater, and is seen to on a regular basis between haul outs when possible. Bulwarks, deck planks and cap rails have all been repaired or replaced over the last fifteen years.


The Innchanter has a series of internal systems for the running of the boat. The major ones are :

  • High speed internet and wireless phone services
  • The solar power supply, a Xantrex 2500 watt inverter from 5 solar panels to a bank of six 1700 amp hour deep cycle lead acid batteries.
  • A fresh water rainwater collection system off of the captain cabin roof, with a primary filter to 360 gallon holding tanks , and 500 gallon extra storage tanks.
  • A new 5 kw diesel generator.
  • All new LED lighting throughout.
  • New gas water pump
  • Emergency back up gas generator
  • Two macerator toilets
  • On demand Bosch propane hot water heater