Why I am selling the InnChanter

I have been running an inn on the west coast now for twenty years here in Hotsprings Cove, and while I love what I do, it is time for a change, as my life has recently changed.

I got married in June 2010, and while my husband loves the coast, and the cove , he is not an innkeeper. This is an amazing life, but it certainly is not for everyone. There is a certain amount of giving up ones privacy while running an inn, especially a boat where space is limited and guests are underfoot. For me it is what I built and what seems normal, but for Cam , it is an imposition on life , and while it is possible to do for a few months a year, not a way of life he is happy with. For me, I would rather quit this while I still love it, and to pass it on to a successor with an open heart, and only good memories of the years I have spent on the Innchanter. I feel I have given birth to the idea of the inn and nurtured it in to a business. I designed it ,and built it, and got it running, but now it is time to let some one else take it and bring it to a new level. There is so much more that could be done to promote the running of the Innchanter. I welcome a new owner to explore this adventure.