The Innchanter is my business, but it would not function the way it does without the community  support around it. While the bed and breakfast stands alone in what  I offer as services in Hotsprings Cove, the community of tour boats , pilots, park wardens and other local services make it a complete experience for the guest; and make my job so much easier .

Over the last twenty years I have built up a network of associations with business that feed or compliment the Innchanter. The local Co-Op grocery and hardware stores take orders over the phone and deliver to the Tofino docks, to either the airlines or tour companies.

The local organic grocer includes my weekly orders by internet and holds them for me in Tofino. The guests on the Innchanter arrive either by tour boat, or one of the two local airlines, who prime them for their stay on the Innchanter by giving them a ride to remember on their way . It is easier to take care of guests who are already enthralled by the location and scenery, and had an amazing encounter with nature on the way here. I think the nicest compliment that I have ever received, is from the locals, who vote the Innchanter as their own favourite get away from Tofino.

Apart from business relationships, there is the community of boaters as well, who arrive ever year and add immensely to the sense of community. There are boats who’s arrival I look forward to every season, if for nothing more than to share a cup of coffee, gossip, and the lastest recipe for  grilled oysters.

There are the local characters who arrive yearly with the tales of wild  sailing adventure off the west coast, kayakers who paddle here every fall for a few days of soaking, in the hotsprings and in the campground. Almost everyone comes armed with fresh fish, or a gift of some amazing delicacy they have discovered and want to share.

Every season, there are one or two guests , that transcend the category, and become friends, and that is one of the greatest joys of the job. I spend my winters now, traveling the world , visting friends that started as guests onboard the Innchanter.