Challenges & Brilliance

There are positive and negative aspects to living in such a remote area as the Innchanter is moored. I chose it firstly for the magic of the location.

Being difficult to access means that while I get fewer guests I get hight quality ones. All the people who make there way to Hotsprings Cove, have worked to get here. This means I really enjoy the guests I have, which makes it a joy, not a job.

The remote location also means that getting supplies is harder, but that in turn fosters a sense of community, as I rely on the tour companies and their drivers to bring me not only guests, but food and laundry. In return, they use the services of the Innchanter, like the phone, and a warm place to hang out on rainy days.

A lack of privacy may also be construed as a negative, but I don’t find it so. Living closely with the guests creates an intimate atmosphere, and the host is a part of the guests stay, not some remote figure that arrives just to take their money.

It is true that the Innchanter is cut off by bad weather at times , making it difficult for the guests to leave. While this has happened, it is more often a cause of unexpected business, as campers book in for the night to avoid the rain, or guests stay the extra day and enjoy the wild weather with a walk out to the light house to watch the storms.

Planning food to such a remote location has its challenges, such as  shopping for fresh produce. This is a learning experience; to read the guest book and plan for two weeks of food.  The Innchanter however is blessed with ample storage, so shopping in bulk is possible. Only the refrigeration capacity is limited, and this is because 12 volt ( solar powered ) refrigeration is not very efficient. Luckily the sea provides abundantly, and fresh fish is always possible, and always a favourite with the guests.

Every day on the Innchanter is a challenge in some way. I am the chief mechanic when some system breaks, and the barrista when the guests arrive. The cook,receptionist and chambermaid all are part of the role, and each day is a learning experience. That is the trial and the joy of life on the Innchanter.