Innchanter Lifestyle

The thought I most often have about living on the Innchanter is that I can’t believe I make a living enjoying myself this much. My life seems to be a dinner party and a wilderness adventure weekend that never ends. While I put in long hours at the “job,”  I honestly feel that I have never worked a day in the last twenty years. That is not a bad way to feel about your life.  The job is being friendly . That is it . All the rest of it is filler to make that possible.

Of course owning the Innchanter involves hard work.

Every Spring is a flurry of activity, getting the boat ready for the season. There are always repairs to be done, woodwork to fix, decks to scrub, as well as paint to touch up before the first guest of the season arrive. Days lengthen and the cove is filled with the promise of summer. This is the time that regular guests arrive, to catch the first warm days of the season and beat the crowds. The tour boats are running, but the drivers have time to stop and chat , or go out to catch us a fresh seafood feast.

Summer is a whirlwind of welcoming guests, making beds, and cleaning rooms. Dinner is a big part of the guests stay, and cooking is an adventure every day, as the menu changes with the tides. I work long hours in the summer, but the days are long, so you live with the sun. To counter balance the time spent on board, there are excursions to the islands, afternoons at the beach, or hours swimming in the river.

Autumn is my favourite time. After the September long weekend, the hectic pace of summer slackens, and the hoards of tourists slow. This is the time when local come to visit, regular guests and old friends return, while the weather is still warm, and the late Autumn rains have not yet arrived. This season has been lengthening as Tofino changes to a year round destination. Only the storms of late November end the tour boat regular runs. This is my time to decide to stay in the cove for the winter, or close the boat down and take it to Tofino, or the shipyard .

I used to stay open in the winter. The guests were mostly on weekends, and it kept the boat running and financially viable enough to make the mortgage payments. It was a time for myself, to read infront of the fire, or perhaps work on those inside repair projects that didn’t get done all summer. There is a special atmosphere in the winter, the contrast of the violent storms outside, and the shelter of the cove and the cozy warmth of the Innchanter.

For the last five years, I have been closing the boat down completely, and spending my time abroad. This has become an opportunity to travel the world , visiting friends that I made on the Innchanter, or going to new places and promoting the business.   ( if you can call lying on  the beach , talking about your life , promoting. ) This year, it is the time to spend with my partner, in quiet domestic bliss,  snowbound in our mountain retreat in Nelson. The Innchanter is moored in Tofino for the winter, rented out to pay for the moorage, waiting for the return of spring, and a new beginning.