Innkeeper wanted

In addition to looking for a buyer, we are also looking for an innkeeper this sumer to run the Innchanter.  The following is a classified ad we are posting this winter.

Looking for: Adventurous Innkeeping couple to run a floating inn in the wilderness

When: June 15 – Sept 15, 2013  (can be flexible)

Where: Hot Springs Cove B.C. Canada (near Tofino)

Management experience a must.  5 years management experience in the hospitality industry, and 5 years experience in food preparation (catering, restaurants etc.)

At times it can be a fast paced environment which requires multi-tasking. Responsibilities include management of reservations, sales, bookkeeping, food preparation, housekeeping, powerboat operation, and general maintenance. Must be enthusiastic and detail oriented.

Earnings: You can expect to earn $3000-$3500/mo ($1500 wage + 10% of sales) All food and accommodation included.

Contact: Please email a cover letter and resume to before March 15th, 2013

More info: See our website

Duties & Lifestyle

Running the Innchanter is a way of life.  The inn is a ship, anchored on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, 28 miles by boat or plane from Tofino, the nearest town. There is a need for a well rounded couple, with an interest in everything from bed making, guest services and cooking, to a hands on knowledge of the basic maintenance required to live off the grid. That includes things like taking care of the water system, looking after the solar array and battery banks, and general repairs; like fixing door hinges, painting, and running an outboard motor. The inn is anchored in a sheltered bay, with tour boats arriving from town several times a day, and three scheduled floatplane flights departures daily. The draw to the area is the provincial park, with its world class hot spring on the edge of the ocean. People come for the hot spring, but they stay for the hospitality provided by the Innchanter. The inn offers bed, breakfast, and dinner; as there is no other place to eat in the area. The inn also provides kayaks and rowboats for the guests to access the hot springs whenever they wish.

While the working days are long in the summer months, they are punctuated by several hours off each day, when you can escape to a secluded beach, or explore on your own in the old growth rainforest. There are often entire days free as well, when you can relax and have the boat to yourself, or duck off camping for a night. It is a job where you are closely connected with the guests, living on the same boat ( though in a private suite on a separate deck ), and looking after all their needs; from food and drink, to quick lessons on how to row a dingy. As the innkeeper you are introducing the guests to the joys of life in the wilderness. A wilderness where you provide the lap of luxury that makes their stay magical.

Required skills

To run the Innchanter requires a broad set of life skills. To be a consumate host on a rainy day, takes a knowledge of planning the food shopping,  fuel deliveries, and chopping fire wood, to making sure all the kayaks have their paddles and lifejackets handy. Two meals a day must be provided for the guests, as well as the basics of the inn, beds made, towels offered, and directions given. In addition to the inn keeping, the Innchanter requires someone with an understanding of general maintenance. There is always something that needs seeing to on an 84 year old boat. While nothing requires unique skills, an familiarity with woodworking, the use of power tools, and a general understanding of mechanics, is needed to handle the day to day life onboard. Oarlocks break, doors stick, and something is always bound to go wrong with the toilets at least once a season. To round out the skill set,  one also needs to be able to handle the finances, books, and bookings. This means booking groups and answering emails, to dealing with guests who arrive a day ahead of schedule. The Innchanter is a joy to run if you love people, because people love the adventure offered by this unique inn.

Wages and Bonus

The Innchanter offers a basic wage for the 3 months of operation of $1500/mo. plus 10% of sales which are automatically added to the bill as a gratuity.  Based on the last few years of revenue this ranges from $1500-$2000/mo. Food, accommodations, telephone and high speed internet are included.

Innkeeper Accommodations

Accommodations for the innkeeper are a private suite of rooms on the upper level of the boat. There is a bedroom (queen sized bed) with a private deck, as well as a lounge, with a built in sofa that converts to a double bed, a desk, and wrap around windows.